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   Model 98/29 Persian Mauser Long Rifle
   Cal. 8 mm Mauser (7.92 mm)   


Persian Mauser manufactured by BRNO Arms Factory, Czechoslovakia in the 30’s Persian contract. This rifle was selected as the standard weapon of the Persian Army and was acclaimed for its accuracy. Sights: Front, Inverted V with sideguards. Rear, V notch adjustable in the elevation from 100 to 2000 meters. Barrel: 29.13"  Overall:  49.20"

  Persian Lion Crest


               Rear Sight

Model 98/29 Persian
Mauser Long Rifle
Excellent Condition
May have rusty spots on
top of the barrel.

Model 98/29 All Leather Sling with thongs

New Production
$15.95    Quantity:

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