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  Swedish Mauser Accesories 

Original Leather Sling & Oil Bottle
with Brush Only.

$5.95    Quantity: Purchased with Rifle

$8.95    Quantity:
Purchased Separately

Flash Hider/Suppressor.
Use with Threaded Muzzle.

$18.95    Quantity:


Leather Frog for Swedish Mauser Bayonets.

For M96/M38
$5.95   Quantity:

For M94
$5.95   Quantity:


Blank Firing Adaptor for threaded muzzle to use with Wooden bullet ammo only

$14.95    Quantity:


Muzzle Cap / Thread Protector Metal

$8.50    Quantity:


PVC Muzzle Cap Thread Protector

$1.25    Quantity:


Professional Cleaning Rod with Handle
41", Brass

$12.95    Quantity:


Cleaning Rod Extension with slots for patches (7 1/2")

$3.25    Quantity:


M96 Cleaning Rod

$7.95    Quantity:


M38 Cleaning Rod

$12.95    Quantity:


For Swedish 6.55 x 55 ammo. New in factory box. Packed 40 per box, 400 per combat pack, 1600 per case.

Note: Also take the following calibers: 7.65 x 54, .308 WIN, 30.06, 6.5 x 50 Japanese, and 7.7 x 50 Japanese

Box of 40
$10.00   Quantity:

PVC Pack (400 Clips)
$80.00   Quantity:

Original Front Sight Protector

$7.95    Quantity:


Original Swedish Front Sight Blades.

$7.95   Quantity:
Please select blade size:


M96 Tall, Front Sight Blade
(+3.50) Easy to Install, fine tuned for accuracy at 100 yards.

$13.95    Quantity:


Cartridge Case Catcher Bag

$14.95   Quantity:


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