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 8mm Mauser (7.92mm) Ball   Click here for abbreviations used on this page.



Caliber 8mm Mauser Ball (8x57 JS).
Mfg. FNM Portugal, 1960s, FMJ, 198 GR, Boattail.
Brass Case. NC/BE. Loose packed.*


                 39.9 Cents per Round


Caliber 8mm Mauser (7.92mm) Ball.
Manufactured in Iran in 1950's when Iran was a friend and strong ally of the United States. Brass cases, FMJ, 198 gr., Lead core, Corrosive, Berdan, Packed Loose in a carton. Wt of case 60 lbs
*No wooden cases available. 

                 29.9 Cents per Round


Abbreviations Used:

NC: Non-Corrosive BE: Berdan FMJ: Full Metal Jacket

GR: Grain  
C: Corrosive

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BO: Boxer BR: Browning BT: Boat Tail  


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